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3 Billion

search queries contain local terms every month.


online searchers will use local search to find offline businesses.


Google searches are for local information.



Local search marketing is the process and tactics you use to reach your local audience online. This is the type of marketing that brick-and-mortar businesses use to reach potential customers on the web.

Any type of business with a storefront or service area is a local business, including small, medium, and enterprise level brands.

Content Creation

CFP Digital knows that great content leads to increased traffic and revenue. They are committed to helping your company produce a variety of creative marketing materials, all designed for maximum impact.

Local Services

Your company will be found by all potential customers in their immediate vicinity thanks to our innovative SEO strategies. When people are searching for things nearby, they need a reputable place that's closeby with good prices - not an hour away!


If you're looking for a digital marketing company, CFP Digital is the perfect choice! We'll transform your business into an online powerhouse with our proven SEO techniques - whether that's ranking well on Google or improving Facebook ads, we've got it covered.

Targeted Keyword

We will help you target keywords and trim them down to the most effective words. This way, you are more likely to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) without any additional work!

Location Pages

If you want customers to find your services in their search results online then it’s time start investing in quality web design with knowledgeable developers who know how important SEO optimizations like local listings are today.

Mobile Optimization

CFP Digital is a digital marketing agency that will help you make your website optimized for mobile screens. With so many people browsing the internet on their smartphones and tablets, it's important to have an easy-to-navigate site with content that can be viewed easily by everyone who visits—and CFP Digital specializes in just this!